Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Plan to succeed

I'm three days in people (and I really should take before pics... I know how much people love to talk about me posting my daaaamn pictures).  Three days in to eating completely clean, except for the protein shake that I have after I work out or during lunch when I didn't plan ahead to bring something (but knew it best to sit in my office and not venture towards a drive-thru... plus it's like -580 out).  No more lattes or stops to Dunkin Donuts.  At least, not in the past three days.  I have substituted green tea for coffee.  While there may be no comparison in caffeine, I think it's just the habit of having a different drink besides that abundance of water I drink.  No headaches, not so moody (no more so than any other given day ;)). 

My three day success comes from planning ahead.  I have been following Ashley Horner's Becoming Extraordinary workout plan, as well as her 30 day "Becoming Extraordinary In the Kitchen" clean eating plan.  (*More information can be found here: Ashley Horner).

I have it all written out; meal-to-meal, workout to workout... and I also keep a training journal.  I carry all three of them with me wherever I go:

I drove an hour away to get that red journal because they were all sold out or back-ordered online.  It's not *just* a journal.  It is blank dated, but has a lot of information surrounding running, motivation, goal setting, etc. within it.  I like it. 

The other aspect of my three-day success rate (besides planning)... is actually GOING and DOING.  I have been going to the gym during my lunch hour.  I can't go before work... children.  I can't go after work... children.  So, I have to go DURING work and thankfully I have the opportunity to escape for an hour.  I don't get my workout completely done, but I utilize what I need to at the gym and do the rest at home... (or the majority of the rest, like last night.. I didn't do three exercises out of the 14 that were left... I needed assistance and didn't wanna bug the BF for help). 

I work around everyone else's schedule to make mine work work (I think that's the definition of a good mom)... I plan ahead.  Like today, I knew that I would not be able to finish the workout at home after work (we have a basketball game to go to)... so, I made it a rest day and will do it tomorrow instead. 

There are no excuses this time. It's either I do it.. or I don't.  Period.

I either plan to succeed... or I don't. 

Which are you gonna do?  You have a choice.. and if you start coming up with excuses, let's chat about them.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's been awhile they say...

Why yes, it has!  I think the last time I posted was me announcing that I was planning to the Marine Corps Marathon.  Maybe some of my followers thought I died during training, because I sure know that at times I felt like I was going to.

But, unfortunately to my haters... I didn't.

I survived.  I crossed the finished line.  I cried.  But I can say that in 2014 I became a marathoner.  I think about 1% of the entire population completes a marathon.  *Bam*  This girl did it.

I sure had my doubts, a lot of them.  But I learned a lot:

*  if you have a plan, you are more than likely to follow it
*  if you post about your plan for others to see, you will be held accountable
*  if you invite others to join you on said plan, you will be held accountable
*  Saturday mornings were meant for long runs.  Really, really long runs.
*  alcohol isn't the only thing that makes your filter go away.  I know I had a few unfiltered, heart to hearts (with tears) during my long runs! ;)
*  it takes a strong level of commitment and motivation.  Every Saturday from June-October was spent running,  A lot.
*  create long runs with lots of hills.  They will make you cry and swear and contemplate your sanity.. but they WILL help you with endurance and stamina.
*  to keep running after the marathon is completed.  I have yet to commit to this, but that's part of the reason for this blog post... to create more goals, announce my plans and to be held more accountable. :)

I truly learned a lot about myself as well:
* I am capable
* I am strong
* If I set my mind to it, create a plan, I can do it
* Take one day a time, don't look too far ahead
* Fuel your body appropriately.  It IS  a machine and that machine will run (literally) as it's supposed to with the correct nutrients.

I mostly learned that:  I AM A MARATHONER.  PERIOD.

Will I run another marathon has been the question that many ask.  Answer:  *honestly* I do not know.  Probably.  There's a time to beat, my time.. as I am only in competition with myself.  But in the mean time my goal is to get stronger, lean out and fuel my body with clean, healthy meals.  I really want to concentrate on my body and soul this year.

Training for the marathon was stressful.  It was time consuming, physically and mentally.  It's really all I thought and talked about.  Was the stress worth it?  YES!  Having that Marine put that medal around my neck was what all of the sweat and tears were about.. there was probably some blood along the way... Actually, I didn't trip or fall at all, surprisingly.

This year I plan to lift heavy and eat clean... and live in the moment.  I also plan on giving more to others.  Starting in June and going through August I will be facilitating two group training runs in my hometown.  The training runs will get a couch-ridden individual to completing a 5k or 10k in August, in conjunction with a race that is on the schedule.  Contact me if you wanna join!  It's completely free.  :)

Happy 2015.

Derived from the "Believe. Training Journal" by Pro Runners:

"Setting goals gives your life meaning.  The feeling of setting a goal, working hard, and then achieving it is the best."  - Sarah Jamieson, Olympian and Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist

Set some goals for 2015.  Answer the following questions and write your responses down:
* What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
* Where do your aspirations come from?
* What stands in the way of your goals?

If you join my training program this summer be ready to learn a lot about yourself!  <3