Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Plan to succeed

I'm three days in people (and I really should take before pics... I know how much people love to talk about me posting my daaaamn pictures).  Three days in to eating completely clean, except for the protein shake that I have after I work out or during lunch when I didn't plan ahead to bring something (but knew it best to sit in my office and not venture towards a drive-thru... plus it's like -580 out).  No more lattes or stops to Dunkin Donuts.  At least, not in the past three days.  I have substituted green tea for coffee.  While there may be no comparison in caffeine, I think it's just the habit of having a different drink besides that abundance of water I drink.  No headaches, not so moody (no more so than any other given day ;)). 

My three day success comes from planning ahead.  I have been following Ashley Horner's Becoming Extraordinary workout plan, as well as her 30 day "Becoming Extraordinary In the Kitchen" clean eating plan.  (*More information can be found here: Ashley Horner).

I have it all written out; meal-to-meal, workout to workout... and I also keep a training journal.  I carry all three of them with me wherever I go:

I drove an hour away to get that red journal because they were all sold out or back-ordered online.  It's not *just* a journal.  It is blank dated, but has a lot of information surrounding running, motivation, goal setting, etc. within it.  I like it. 

The other aspect of my three-day success rate (besides planning)... is actually GOING and DOING.  I have been going to the gym during my lunch hour.  I can't go before work... children.  I can't go after work... children.  So, I have to go DURING work and thankfully I have the opportunity to escape for an hour.  I don't get my workout completely done, but I utilize what I need to at the gym and do the rest at home... (or the majority of the rest, like last night.. I didn't do three exercises out of the 14 that were left... I needed assistance and didn't wanna bug the BF for help). 

I work around everyone else's schedule to make mine work work (I think that's the definition of a good mom)... I plan ahead.  Like today, I knew that I would not be able to finish the workout at home after work (we have a basketball game to go to)... so, I made it a rest day and will do it tomorrow instead. 

There are no excuses this time. It's either I do it.. or I don't.  Period.

I either plan to succeed... or I don't. 

Which are you gonna do?  You have a choice.. and if you start coming up with excuses, let's chat about them.

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